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Build human capital and company values to secure future growth and stability by investing and develop human competence, satisfaction and good working environment.

Vinestor shall be the preferred supplier of beverages to Norwegian customers and consumers by importing, promoting and selling beverages through companies;
- with different objectives
- effective management
- strong human capital
- and co-operations

With this position we shall attract new suppliers and build new relations to strengthen our position as one of the leading beverage company in the market, together with highly skilled and satisfied employees.


Vinestor AS is owned by Katalysator AS. Katalysator AS is owned by the Møller-family company Aars AS. The family is also the owner of the Møller Group - the leading Norwegian importer of cars, and Aars AS is one of the largest privately held companies in Norway.

The Vinestor group has equity of more than NOK 20 million.


- Human capital – skilled, competent, dynamic and motivated team
- Active ownership creates stability and credability